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About Camp Possability

About PossAbility Unlimited

Our mission

Provide young adults with traumatic spinal cord injuries an opportunity for respite care that is tailored to their specific needs, allows them to connect with people who love them, and gives their caregivers a break to recharge.

Desired Outcomes

  • Enhanced emotional and physical support
  • An opportunity to attend an event or do an activity that could not be done without appropriate medical assistance
  • Intensive medical care and support that assists with overall health
  • Refreshed caregivers who can then provide better daily care
  • Laughter, fun, and a chance to let your guard down knowing that all your medical needs are being met
  • Camp location (NOT mailing address): Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and will vary depending on camper needs and availability
Camp Possability Campers

Brief History of Camp PossAbility/PossAbility Unlimited


Lauren got the idea to start an adapted camp after realizing that there were limited camps (none that she could find) that specifically targeted those who had high cognitive abilities as well as physical disabilities


Lauren began reaching out to attorneys in Fort Wayne and found Kingsley Regnier who volunteered to help her set up Camp PossAbility as a 501(c)3.


501(c)3 process was begun and Board of Directors was established


Camp PossAbility was granted their nonprofit status, and plans with Bradford Woods were established due to its accessibility, many activity offerings and great location.


Camp PossAbility was held for the first time, and has continued to grow and improve year after year, as we learn from experience and input from our campers.


Camp PossAbility had its first ever VIRTUAL camp due to COVID-19


Camp PossAbility’s target camper group was changed to exclusively those with traumatic spinal cord injuries; Camp PossAbility had its best year of camp ever


With the changing world, it was decided that Camp PossAbility would change from camp weeks to a respite care program. Camp PossAbility’s name was changed to PossAbility Unlimited.

Meet the Leadership for PossAbility Unlimited

Lauren E. Harmison

Lauren E. Harmison


Growing up, Lauren always asked for First Aid kits for her birthday, which as a nurse makes total sense! She had never been to a camp as a kid, so all of her camp experiences have been through volunteering at adapted camps and through running Camp PossAbility. Lauren is currently getting her Master of Science degree in nursing with a focus as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). Medical care is Lauren’s forte and she loves being a part of it all!

Dr. Adam D. Keesling

Dr. Adam D. Keesling

Board President

Adam received his undergraduate degree in Human Biology (BA) at the University of Kansas-Lawrence and then received a Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Kansas, as well. He completed his family medicine residency in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he became involved with Camp PossAbility. He currently resides in Wichita, Kansas, where he practices family medicine. Adam has an interest in medical missions and goes to the Dominican Republic at least once a year for medical mission trips. He also enjoys reading, spending time with his wife Rebecka and friends, bowling and KU Athletics.

Eric Harmison

Eric Harmison


Eric Harmison is Lauren’s husband. While he says he joined the leadership team initially by default, he is an amazing asset to the  team and has taken on increased responsibilities, first with Camp PossAbility and now with PossAbility Unlimited, doing everything from driving accessible vans to packing the camping supplies. In his free time, Eric likes to work on DIY and home projects, read about boats, and relax with Lauren and their daughter.

Rianna Moening


Rianna has been a part of PossAbility since the beginning, initially helping with auction events and truck packing for camp. One year she even catered the camp auction event! Rianna works as a pharmacy tech and is studying to become a registered dietician. She brings a lot of great support to the camp team.

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